Adventure to the post office

It all begins from FANCY CLOTH HOUSE...

In India, sending a package from the post office begins with a visit to the fabric shop. Packages are to be wrapped in white cloth and tightly stitched. It took me a few rounds of visits to the post office (and befriend the workers!) to master the art of sending a package in one-go. Really! Until then I had to start from finding out where the closest post office is, learning the right fabric, searching for a fabric store and asking the right person to stitch the package. And if the stitching or the fabric is bad, it needs to be done over again. (Hence another visit to the fabric shop and back to the post office) So after learning all the right processes, here's the successful journey of my 2 packages to Japan from the India post office.


Many fancy cloths at FANCY CLOTH HOUSE :)
ファンシー・クロス・ハウスではファンシーな生地がいっぱい :)

Package no.1

Let the stitching begin...

Ta-dah! One done.

Next, package no.2

It takes 2 men to stitch a package.

Ta-dah! Two done!

NOW the visit to the post office.

Good fabric. Nice stitching :)
生地よし、縫製よし :)

Here we are at the post office at Malviya Nagar.

Hello! They remember me.

My packages while I wait in line....

waiting... waiting....

I look over wishing that was my line... but that's only the counter to purchase stamps.
待ってる間あっちの列を見てうらやましかった でも切手しか売らないカウンターだった

FINALLY my turn! (after about 30 minutes waiting)

Hope to see them again back home in Tokyo!

After all this... PHEW! A full feeling of accomplishment!

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