Speed Post

Remember my adventure to the post office at Malviya Nagar?
Well I just received it! It took exactly one week to Tokyo!


Good bye New Delhi!

So my (just about) 3 months stay in India ended. Did it go by fast or slow? I'm not quite sure. 3 months would fly by fast in Tokyo but I felt it was somewhat long in Delhi. And at the same time, although my visit to India was specific for work which ended short, I wish I had more time to explore different parts of Delhi and India. Someone at the office once told me it will take 10 years or more to travel around and get to know the whole of India. I guess that's true. I am not sure when my next visit to India, whether for work or vacation will be, but I think it is a country that I will eventually return again. But for now, I want to enjoy some Japanese food, take long baths, do proper laundry and settle back in my life in Tokyo. It's good to be back home!


New Delhi International Airport

Famous Gandhi

I made a transit at Hong Kong before getting back home...

Landed at Narita Airport!


Packing up and last dinner

This is a sudden post but my situation at work had changed and I'll be heading back to Tokyo just a little sooner than originally planned! So here I am, all ready and packed up to take the flight back home. I started this blog to share my experiences and photographs during my stay in India and I hope that you enjoyed it. I'll continue to post this blog with a few more post with some images after I return so I hope that you can still check it out a little longer...

And this is my last meal at the apartment. Thanks for cooking and cleaning Bashir!



There's a south Indian food restaurant at Hauz Khas Village called Gunpowder. Good food!

It's hard to find this restaurant but when you go up the top floor of the building, you'll get to see a really great view of the lake.

Dogs sleeping outside the building

Nehru Place

There's a big area of electronic stores at Nehru Place next to the area of fabric store heaven I visited last time. This is Delhi's version of Akihabara in Tokyo.

There's also a lot of street shops too

Here's the fabric section

I visited the same lace shop again

and they offered me chai! Reeeaally delicious!


Marigold garlands

Garland Shop at Marviya Nagar Market

Bags full of marigolds and man making garlands

Decorated at every place of worship.

Posting a letter

at Marviya Nagar Post Office. Follow the adventure for sending packages, here.
マルヴィヤナガール郵便局 小包発送の冒険はこちら