Hello New Delhi!

It took me over 16 hours door to door from Tokyo to New Delhi-- the longest flight ever for me to travel to India. A direct flight normally takes 8.5 hours but this time there was a transit at Hong Kong and a stop-over in Bangkok before arriving to New Delhi. Boy, it was a loooong trip!


A view of Kyushu, Japan (I think) from the sky

I am not a big fan of airplane food and I never expect to get good food but surprisingly Indian food almost always tastes really good! I forgot to take a picture of what I had for lunch (it was Spinich with cottage cheese curry, my favorite) and here is what was for dinner: cottage cheese and okra curry, cauliflower and potato and basmati rice. My first Indian food. Very good.


Sunset from above.

Almost landing... and that's only the outside temperature.

Not so interesting looking, but this is what it looks like outside the airport in New Delhi. (while waiting for my driver to get his car.) I was expecting a big wave of heat but it wasn't bad at all, almost as same as Tokyo, about 30℃ in the evening. Let's see how it gets in the day time.

One of the first things I notice about India is how dark it is at night. I am so used to the city lights in Tokyo where it never gets dark (= see no stars) and here the lights are dim and it really feels like evening. But that doesn't stop people from hanging out- I saw lot of people just hanging out, chatting on the streets and shops on my way to the hotel.

So this is how my trip and my first night in India started.





  1. I love INDIA day by day! Keep an eye on your camera so that it doesn't get nabbed. It's already giving us great images. Otsukare for the long flight! Be well Hiromi and best on your new adventures.

  2. thanks ted! i'll keep it up and keep my camera with me at all time!!