New Delhi or New Jersey?

If you scroll down after this scene shot from a taxi ride to this place, you will be surprised to see...

This shopping mall called Select Citywalk. It is like a big mall in New Jersey.

Seriously, I never thought I would find Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in New Delhi.

A break from curry flavored food: Italian grilled vegetable sandwich

I honestly cared less about the whole mall experience but my main motive was to check out this shop, Good Earth. They're located at few other places in Delhi but I wanted to avoid walking in the rain today and so decided to check this shop first.


And as soon as I went in, I fell in love with the store! They have 3 floors of really nice styling and high quality home decor/ house products that are a bit expensive for Indian standard but would be reasonable in Tokyo and elsewhere. I wish I was able to shoot more pictures, here's one shot before I was asked not to. The collection of dinner plates and bed linen are all wonderful and just walking in the store made me completely forget that I was in a big shopping mall ;-)


And back to the mega shopping mall..
To the grocery store or the Food Bazaar that had all basic things and also a very tiny corner of Japanese food products like ponzu, wasabi, soy sauce etc...


I'm still staying at a hotel with no kitchen so I didn't shop much groceries. Maybe next time.

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