For a small break.

It's been 7 weeks since I came to Delhi and life in India has been one of a kind experience but it can also get pretty tiresome after a while. These are the moments when I miss Tokyo. Weekends are when I take a small break and go to a cafe to escape from masala flavor food or out for a peaceful moment. Here are some non-India related pictures for a change. Nothing special when you are in Tokyo but it becomes something really special when you are in Delhi.

Cafe at Hauz Kauz Village
ハウズカス ヴィレッジのカフェ

This place has good pasta.

Cafe-Restaurant at Khan Market

The sandwich was too salty for me. Not so happy moment.
サンドウィッチはかなり塩っぱかった 残念だったなぁ

Ayurvedic Massage at Green Park Extension

Reception area. Place is called Kerala Ayurveda and they have a ayurvedic doctor for consultation. Clean, comfortable place. The ayurvedic treatment was nice.
受付のエリア ケラーラ・アーユルヴェーダにはアーユルヴェーダのお医者さんがいて診断してくれる。清潔で感じのいいところ。アーユルヴェーダのトリートメントは結構よかった。

Cafe at N Block market in GK 1 Cute place up on the 3rd floor
GK1 N ブロックマーケットのカフェ 3階にあってかわいい感じのところ

Been here twice but the food was unfortunately horrible both times. Over cooked pasta.

Costa Coffee. I think this is a British version of Starbucks. Located at the market near my apartment.
コスタ・コーヒー 英国版のスターバックスだとおもう 滞在のアパートの近くのマーケットにある

Pretty good cafe latte

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