Japanese convenience store!

I found a Japanese convenience store in Delhi! I was really curious to see what they had and they had a general range of basic Japanese food and household goods. I wasn't surprise to see how they'd be more expensive compared to how much they would be in Japan-- a bottle of soy sauce (a generic brand) was about 600 yen, a box of washing detergent for clothes (again a very generic brand) was 800 yen. My mission was to get some Japanese rice and I did! Koshihikari rice 2kg for 1000 yen.
デリーで日本食品を扱っているコンビニ発見!どんな物がおいてあるかたのしみにして行ったら、日本の食品や生活用品などは一通り置いてあった。お店の印象は田舎のコンビニ並。値段は日本で買うより案の定割高。例えば良くあるブランドのお醤油やお好み焼きソースは約600円、洗濯洗剤も1箱800円くらい。今回は日本のお米を探して、ありました!インド産コシヒカリ2kg 1000円。

There were some fliers and I thought this was funny. Rental Karaoke! 75,000 Japanese songs!

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