A peek of deep culture

I tagged along with some people I met for dinner and I ended up in a very local Muslim area. I have no idea of where I was and how I got there but it was a very interesting experience. Where we had dinner is this place called Karim's. (The place we went was a branch restaurant and it wasn't the original Karim's in Old Delhi which is said to be the most famous restaurant in Delhi. ) Karim's is famous for the Mughali food and it's menu was almost all about meat and mutton. As a vegetarian I didn't have all that much to eat here but I did enjoy the experience of the deep Muslim culture. I really wish I could return in the day time and explore this area but I really have no clue how to get there!
たまたま出会った人たちと夕食について行く事になって、ものすごくディープなムスリムの世界に入って行きました。いったい自分がどこにいるのか、どうたどり 着いたのかさっぱり分からなかったけど、なかなか面白い体験をしてきました。その夜はカリームというところで夕食。(行ったところは支店でデリーでは超有 名店と言われているオールドデリーの本店ではなかった)カリームはムガール料理の有名店でメニューのほとんどが肉とマトン。ベジタリアンの私にはほとんど 食べられるものがなかったけれど、ディープなムスリム文化体験は新鮮で楽しかったです。日中にこのエリアを探索したいと思っているけれど、いったいどう 行ったらいいのか全然わかりません!

I was too busy catching up with the people I was with so the photos are all very snap shot and blurry... If only I could go back to shoot more photographs!

Just outside the restaurant

We passed through this place to get to the restaurant

A tailor making white Islamic outfits. The tailor at the INA market was surrounded in color!

There were LOTS of perfume shops in the area. It was really so interesting to see, I loved all the glass bottles in display.

Saw 3 sheep busy having dinner. But they will probably be someone's dinner one day...

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